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At M.I.S.S.CONSULT, we are committed to empowering professionals to advance their career and enabling teams and organizations to achieve their performance improvement goals. For more than a decade, our loyal clients have come to know that our creative, experienced, and knowledgeable staff provide the highest level of service and successfully meet every challenge.



Whether you require one training course, a custom performance improvement program to strengthen your team’s competencies, or human capital solutions to solve your organization’s professional development issues, we can deliver a solution to suit your organization’s unique needs. We invite you to read & watch our client success stories to understand how we can help you achieve your goals.

MissConsult Introduction

ภาพบรรยากาศ การฝึกอบรมทั่วไป

Great Experience

รวมความประทับใจกับ MissConsult

W.O.R.K Society

หนังสั้น ผู้ทำงานตามแบบ W.O.R.K

The Future Leader

โปรแกรมการโค้ช พนักงานดาวเด่น

My Career, My Attitude


W.O.R.K Communication


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